The South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network –II (SCCDCN-II) is one of 23 Community Network Programs Centers (CNPCs) funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Our goal is to reduce cancer disparities through community-based participatory cancer education, research and training. Each of the funded CNPCs target disparate populations that are negatively impacted by cancer and cancer-related diseases. We, in South Carolina, focus on the African-American population, a group in a region with a much higher-than-average cancer incidence and extraordinarily high mortality rate given its incidence rates. The SCCDCN-II’s overarching goal is to contribute materially to understanding the underlying causes of cancer-related health disparities, discover and develop effective interventions that to lower incidence, improve survival and reduce suffering, and to deliver these innovations to high-risk populations.

Our Mission

The Cancer Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) works closely with individuals, organizations, and communities to encourage and make possible cancer prevention, early detection, and appropriate care for those diagnosed with cancer. The CPCP has many current projects, in which research findings are used for planning, monitoring, and evaluating cancer prevention and detection activities throughout the state. We are committed to finding solutions to ease the burden of cancer affecting our residents.

Our Services

Training Core

The mission of the SCCDCN II Training and Career Development Core is to improve the health of South Carolina’s communities by eliminating health disparities through community based participatory research, multidisciplinary and culturally sensitive research, and sustainable education and training programs.

Research Core

The overall aim of the Research Core (RC) is to support the SCCDCN-II in its mission to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, cancer health disparities using a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach to design and conduct research projects in AA communities in South Carolina.

Community Outreach Core

Building Partnerships to Improve Community Health
The Community Outreach Core is a partnership of the State Baptist Young Woman’s Auxiliary of the Woman’s Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, Insights Consulting, Inc., Clemson University, and the University of South Carolina.